Darkness There and Nothing More: My Problem with Monsterhearts

Monsterhearts is a paranormal romance RPG about “the messy lives of teenage monsters” that’s Powered by the Apocalypse. Assuming that the “paranormal romance” part didn’t immediately turn you off, that’s a pretty strong sales pitch, since Apocalypse World remains one of the most innovative advances in tabletop RPG design for the last decade. Let it not be said, though, that Monsterhearts coasts by on the successes of its predecessor – there are plenty of new gameplay options introduced to adapt the system to its new setting, and many of them are implemented successfully. Continue reading

GenCon: Day Four Overview

I just sat down for dinner, with dessert, and I’m so tired that my speech is slurred.  Which can only mean that GenCon 2014 has come to an end.  The unofficial motto of GenCon is “eat, sleep, game: pick two”; I seem to have half-eaten and half-slept over the last four days, which is at least mathematically compliant.

Today was a short day, with events only running for six hours (contrast yesterday, when I was busy 9am to 9pm).  Here’s what I got up to: Continue reading