End of 2019

Six months since I last posted! Unlike last time, I’m not going to make the mistake of promising to restart regular blogging again. I should have known better than to tempt fate.

As before, I’ll present evidence of the RPG work I’ve been doing instead of blogging, by way of an apology. Continue reading

Mini-Review: Dungeon World

Dungeon World is not a fantasy adaptation of Apocalypse World. Key elements of the fantasy genre, such as mass battles or courtly dramas, go entirely unaddressed within its pages. Instead, Dungeon World is a D&D adaptation of Apocalypse World, meaning it’s about adventurers going on dungeon crawls and not a lot else. That’s hard for me to review, because whilst I love Apocalypse World, I don’t love D&D… and I suspect that the bits of Dungeon World I find most obnoxious will be the bits most celebrated by its intended market. Continue reading

The Hype Strikes Back: (Possible) 2016 RPG Releases

About a year ago I wrote about RPG releases I was looking forward to in 2015, and examining the list now is pretty embarrassing. Of the ten games I mentioned, two already had PDF releases in 2014, two still haven’t come out yet, one has been officially abandoned for now, and one seems to have been unofficially abandoned (or least, the hint of an upcoming Cortex Plus “Heroic Roleplaying” game no longer appears on the Margaret Weis website).

I’m hesitant, then, to do something similar for 2016… Continue reading

It Follows: A Monsterhearts Mini-Hack

I went to the cinema to see “It Follows” the other day.  It’s a good horror movie.  Lots of interesting things explored about the male gaze, and why it is so threatening to women (when you don’t know which person amongst the crowd is a predator, survival instinct warns that they all are).  Some of the acting and writing’s a little dodgy, and it’s not particularly scary either, but it’s interesting enough to be worth your time, if horror movies are your kind of thing.

I was struck afterwards how easy it would be to adapt the set-up of the movie to fit within a Monsterhearts campaign.  So I’ve given it a bash below.  Be warned that spoilers for the movie abound. Continue reading