Refresh: 3

Weight: 1



High Concept: Cowardly Lucky Charm

Trouble: Unfortunate Family Inheritance

Faction Aspect: An Eye For Good Loot

Other Aspect: Something Doesn’t Smell Right

[Other Aspect: Well Travelled]



Careful: +0

Clever: +2

Flashy: +1

Forceful: +1

Quick: +2

Sneaky: +3



Valorous Bondee (Faction Stunt): +2 to Quickly defend against melee attacks when outnumbered.

Sparky Flash Powder (Equipment Stunt): +2 to Flashily overcome obstacles when you are escaping an opponent.

Fullus Has’ Blessing (Other Stunt): You may use divine interest boxes and stress boxes, and divine consequence slots as consequence slots, when absorbing mundane stress.  You may only check one stress or divine interest box per attack as usual.

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