I Write RPGs for a Living Now

I’ve been doing this for six months now, with no immediate plans to quit, so I should probably make it official on my blog too!

If you are looking for a professional RPG writer and designer to work on your products, and are willing to match industry standard rates in payment, please consider me generally available and interested. I have years of experience in the industry under my belt now – check out the “Resume” tab up-top for a list of my previous game design credits. I’m fluent in a great many geeky settings and popular RPG systems, and like to play around in both mainstream and independent design spaces. My specialty is systems design, especially where it intersects with cultivating story and reinforcing theme, but I have experience in adventure writing, GMing advice, design commentary, “pure lore”, proofreading and text editing as well. DMing me on Twitter (@Sabbad) is a great first step for us to talk.

Moving into RPG writing full-time has been tough. I make a lot less money, I have no job security, I am constantly hustling for work. At the same time, I am literally doing my dream job, and am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had already. If I’m very lucky, I’ll be spring-boarding from freelancing to producing more of my own RPGs in the future – fingers crossed!

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