#RPGaDay: Week One

So far on this blog, I’ve been talking a lot about War of Ashes.  Which makes sense – this blog was set up specifically to talk about it, I signed a pledge saying that I would do so, and with the playtest only running for a limited period of time it’s been the focus of my attention for the last few weeks.

However, I said in my first post that I intend this to be a space to share thoughts about RPGs more generally, and I meant that.  Whilst looking for other things to talk about, August’s #RPGaDay thing seems an appropriate starting point, especially to introduce my background in roleplaying games. Continue reading

Be Kind to me Internet

Hi.  I’m Michael and this is my blog about tabletop RPGs.

I’m a twenty-something British London-based roleplayer, with about five years in the hobby depending on how you measure the boundaries.  I like to play when I can, but usually I prefer to GM.  I’m blessed with a wide circle of geeky gamer friends, many of whom I met at university, and at any given time I’m in three or four (or more) regular campaigns with them.  Most of us aren’t students any more though – jobs and life stuff cut into our gaming time, and increasingly we struggle to get together as much as we’d like.  We all know how that goes. Continue reading