#RPGaDay2015: Week Three

Behold, two blog posts in two days, as I struggle to catch up with my backlog. This week has been a busy one for me and roleplaying – we had the last session of our zombie game in Hillfolk, which ended with delightfully unsatisfying bleakness, and a big 6-player session for my Buffy campaign as a player from last year’s game put in a guest appearance. So now is a good time to update my #RPGaDay2015, since I’m on a bit of a roll. Continue reading

#RPGaDay2015: Week One

It was recently brought to my attention that I’ve now been blogging for over a year. Congrats to me for keeping it up, with only the occasional inexplicable absence. Hopefully the momentum’s built up now for me to continue for years to come.

Anyway, what reminded me of this anniversary was the beginning of RPG a Day 2015, a one-question-a-day autobiographical gaming history thing that I also embarked upon last year. And by embarked upon, I mean I started it, and kept going for most of the month… but didn’t finish. Oops. Continue reading

What I Think About Age of Sigmar

After a year of destroying the Warhammer world piece by piece, Games Workshop called an official end to the game’s 8th edition a few weeks ago by releasing the rules for “Age of Sigmar” online. A substantial departure from all previous versions of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar isn’t so much a 9th edition as it is a replacement for a retired game that it happens to share a thin sliver of continuity with.

Gone is the rulebook five hundred pages long, replaced with a 4 page PDF that contains all you need to play except stats for individual units. Gone too are the 15 standalone armies, trimmed down to a mere 4 factions. A radically different set of mechanics have transformed Age of Sigmar into a skirmish game rather than a mass battle system. Perhaps most controversial of all, units are no longer assigned points costs, a measure that historically ensured players selected armies of equivalent power for a balanced encounter. Instead, now players just use the figures they want to play with.

The reaction of the game’s established fanbase, has been… hostile. Continue reading