What to Pack for a Roleplaying Game

A couple of months ago, I turned up to run a game of Heart: the City Beneath, and realised I’d forgotten to bring dice. Not a problem – our host was able to provide what we needed – but a little annoying. I’d planned to bring fancy red and black and orange dice!

A few weeks later, in the midst of pretty severe burnout, I was packing to go run the next Heart game. This time I was determined not to forget something. So much so that I even when online to look for “How to pack for an RPG” guides, to make sure I had what I needed. I couldn’t find anything good; at least not on the first page of Google.

Long story short, I forgot the character sheets. That was a problem.

Anyway, here’s a list of everything you (might or might not) need when you attend an RPG session. It’s designed for you to start at the top and work down, with off-ramps when you hit something that doesn’t apply to you. I made this for me, but maybe you’ll find it useful too? I’ve no expectation this will reach the first page of Google, but at least I’ll know where it is.

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Review of 2016

There are plenty of more socio-political aware blogs providing commentary on the atrocity that was 2016. I don’t have much to add to that, only to say that, even disregarding international events, personally this has been the worst year of my life.

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Not-So-Crystal Ball: Ennies Predictions and Weirdness

Following last year, when I reviewed the announced Ennies nominees to predict winners and generally snark, I thought it would be fun to make things more challenging for me this year and try and predict the nominees for the year’s most prestigious roleplaying awards show. Seemed like a fun/dumb enough idea for a blog post.

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2015 in Review: My Hobby

Last time I wrote about the RPG campaigns I played in this year (with an unflattering spotlight on Dungeons and Dragons), along with the conventions I attended, the gaming brunches I ate at, and the blog I’m currently writing for.

Today I’m aiming for something a bit less egotistical, with a review of 2015 for the roleplaying hobby as a whole. Though it might just be the bits of the hobby that I find interesting. My ego can’t be contained. Continue reading