Review of 2016

There are plenty of more socio-political aware blogs providing commentary on the atrocity that was 2016. I don’t have much to add to that, only to say that, even disregarding international events, personally this has been the worst year of my life.

I played some cool roleplaying games though 🙂 Continue reading

Not-So-Crystal Ball: Ennies Predictions and Weirdness

Following last year, when I reviewed the announced Ennies nominees to predict winners and generally snark, I thought it would be fun to make things more challenging for me this year and try and predict the nominees for the year’s most prestigious roleplaying awards show. Seemed like a fun/dumb enough idea for a blog post.

Putting this together led to some kind of weird places. Continue reading

2015 in Review: My Hobby

Last time I wrote about the RPG campaigns I played in this year (with an unflattering spotlight on Dungeons and Dragons), along with the conventions I attended, the gaming brunches I ate at, and the blog I’m currently writing for.

Today I’m aiming for something a bit less egotistical, with a review of 2015 for the roleplaying hobby as a whole. Though it might just be the bits of the hobby that I find interesting. My ego can’t be contained. Continue reading

RPG Awards Season 2015

GenCon 2015 is at the end of this month, and I’m not going. This makes me very sad, but I’m at least able to enjoy the flurry of excitement online that coincides with roleplaying’s biggest weekend of the year. Part of that is enjoying a period of retrospection, as we look back over the year since the last GenCon, and see how the industry has matured in that time. A couple of weeks ago, the nominations for the Ennies Awards and the Diana Jones Award were announced, which frames that discussion quite nicely. Continue reading

Play ALL THE GAMES: Tabletop Day 2015 and #51in15

I think I’ve played games on Tabletop Day before – sessions in an RPG campaign that happened to fall on the day, or whatever – but this year was the first time I actually celebrated it.  My local nerd pit Dark Sphere was kind enough to host, opening up their impressively large gaming space and collection of board and card games, for the princely sum of a £1 all-day cover fee.  It was a great day, a wonderful opportunity to acquaint myself with gamers I didn’t know, and as good a time as any to set myself a test for the year ahead. Continue reading