June 2022 Roundup

June was a very good month, because I got to go to the UK Games Expo and hang with my favourite nerds! My last multi-day convention was before the pandemic, and before switching to full-time RPG work, so this was a long overdue opportunity to catch up with clients and freelancers who I’ve barely interacted with offline. Didn’t play that many games though! But I did get to try Calico, Chai, and Catapult Feud, play Star Trek Adventures again in the Games on the Hour space. All-in-all, a great bank holiday weekend, that’s whet my appetite for GenCon in a month or so.

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End of 2019

Six months since I last posted! Unlike last time, I’m not going to make the mistake of promising to restart regular blogging again. I should have known better than to tempt fate.

As before, I’ll present evidence of the RPG work I’ve been doing instead of blogging, by way of an apology. Continue reading