Rest of Summer 2022 Roundup

Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t able to keep up with monthly updates between freelance gigs – which means even more to catch up on now.

Where I’ve Been

GenCon baby! So many highlights: getting paid to run Heart, picking up some great new games, meeting game designer peers I’d only ever interacted with online before, attending my first Diana Jones Award ceremony… but the absolute best part has to be pitching an RPG to a publisher, which they seem enthusiastic to move forward with! Not something I can talk about too much at the moment, but you can be sure I’ll be raving about it wildly as soon as I am able.

What I’m Playing

I finished playing in a short-mid length Genesys campaign, using the Shadows of the Beanstalk expansion. A wonderful system I’ve played a lot with before, but will never get tired of returning to from time to time. Netrunner is dead, long live Netrunner.

I also started playing in a Masks: A New Generation campaign! I played in one a few years back, but ended up causing a lot of disruption by taking the story in a Civil War/PvP direction that, in retrospect, didn’t suit the preferences of the group at all. I’m looking forward to playing more in line with my group’s expectations this time, and get a chance to actually use the game’s Team Moves. Last time the vibe was sci-fi, so this time we’re spooky – I’m playing The Doomed, and doing my absolute best not to acknowledge the apocalypse looming over my shoulder.

Between those, Wrath & Glory playtests, and my ongoing game of The King’s Dilemma, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy at the moment!

What I’m Reading

Lots of research related to the upcoming Lustria expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I’ve been making my way through four Lizardmen armies books, the Lustria wargame campaign guide, The End Times: Thanquol, Robert Earl’s The Burning Shore, and a bunch of White Dwarf stories, battle reports, and scenario overviews. It’s amazing the stuff I’ve learned along the way. I never knew until I read this article that Lustria is one of the oldest parts of the Warhammer World depicted in lore – preceding The Empire, Chaos, and even the Old World itself. Since a Lustria supplement for WFRP has been promised since 1985 (!), it’s kind of amazing that it’s only now coming out for the first time, and more than a little humbling that I get to be part of the team that’s writing it.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Dragonmeet 2022! This year I’m doing something I’ve never done before – I’m bringing some of my own games to sell. You’ll find me at the London Tabletop Industry Networking stand, selling physical copies of Crying Wolf, LadyBeaste, Golden Eggs, and maybe another game if I can get it together in time. Hopefully someone buys some…

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