Things Look Different!

Regular readers (or rather, my regular reader) have noticed that the blog looks different than it used to.  I’ve been meaning to tinker around with the themes for some time, and with the help of a more artistically minded friend, I finally got around to doing it.

(Said friend also recently revised her art blog, which you should check out.)

There’s still a few more changes I’d like to make – sticking a masthead up top, cutting down on some of the blank spaces – but it’s a lot closer to a professional-looking, non-hideous site than it used to be.  Hopefully it won’t be long before the final modifications are installed.

The change coincides with a recent resolution I’ve made to expand the blog’s range of content: mini-reviews.  I mentioned a few months back that I wanted to start putting up reviews of RPG books, but in practice have struggled to find time.  There’s always so much to talk about when reviewing an RPG, and a length editing process is usually necessary to revise my original stream of consciousness.  In the time it takes me to produce something I’m happy with, I can usually produce two or three better features or rules hacks to go up on the site.

But reviews are still something I’d like to get into doing, and recent inquiries by The Onyx Path have demonstrated that even short Amazon-like reviews on Drive Thru RPG are something that people find useful.  So I’ve set myself a new challenge: producing mini-reviews for RPG books, strictly capped at 400 words, that I can post both on Drive Thru RPG and on here.  Whilst I know I’ll find it difficult to remain so concise, I’m hoping it will result in more focused analysis, not to mention actual generation of content in a non-hypothetical capacity.

I’ll probably be putting quite a few mini-reviews up in the next few week to get the ball rolling.  After that, we’ll see what happens.  I’m also attending Dragonmeet next Saturday, and plan to do a piece on that – other planned content (that may or may not appear…) includes material for The Gaean Reach, Smallville, and my Firefly Fate hack, as well as a newbie’s experience of my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game.  Hope you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Things Look Different!

  1. I think a masthead would definitely help, but I’m liking the new theme more and more. (By the way, the link to Mel’s site is broken.)

    I did not realise Dragonmeet was next weekend! Aah! I don’t know what to do!


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