I Still Exist

Long time since I wrote anything substantial here. Other than promotional posts, I haven’t blogged since 2018. But it’s for the best possible reason really – I haven’t been writing about roleplaying games on my blog, because I’ve been too busy doing paid design gigs for roleplaying games instead. Continue reading

Hear My Voice: RPG Seminar Recordings

Just a short update this time. I’ve not been blogging too regularly since the start of the year, but I’ve tasked myself with posting at least once a month – even if it ends up being literally the last day of month, like today. I think some discipline is good, to keep things going and justify continuing to pay for the site. Happily I’ve got enough of a back catalogue now that I’m still getting a fair amount of hits, and it’s gratifying to know there is content here people are still finding useful. Continue reading

Review Policy

Just a short update. I’ve done some tidying up on the site, which has included updating my review policy, for people who wonder where I derive the justification to pass judgement on other people’s games (nowhere, really). If you want a neater list of the reviews I’ve done so far, or are interested in submitting your games for me to review, you can check out that review policy here.

Hope to have something more substantial next week!

Back in the UK

Well, GenCon is over and I’m back in London.  Though the convention ended 48 hours ago, I’ve only had one sleep since then, so I’m pretty much running on fumes.  Even so, my last trip to the exhibit hall feels distant indeed.  Maybe it’s the speed at which Indianapolis transformed back-to-normal on Monday morning, but GenCon’s already starting to recede into memory. Continue reading

Be Kind to me Internet

Hi.  I’m Michael and this is my blog about tabletop RPGs.

I’m a twenty-something British London-based roleplayer, with about five years in the hobby depending on how you measure the boundaries.  I like to play when I can, but usually I prefer to GM.  I’m blessed with a wide circle of geeky gamer friends, many of whom I met at university, and at any given time I’m in three or four (or more) regular campaigns with them.  Most of us aren’t students any more though – jobs and life stuff cut into our gaming time, and increasingly we struggle to get together as much as we’d like.  We all know how that goes. Continue reading