Alignment: New Series Pitch for Drama System

Recently I had my first work accepted by an RPG publisher.

Pelgrane Press, the creators of Hillfolk (along with Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents and many other games), have been regularly producing new Series Pitches for Drama System since the successful release of the game last year.  My latest contribution, Alignment, is now also available to download for free from the Drama System Resources page.

Alignment is set in a fantasy dystopia, in a city-state where all citizens at birth are determined to belong to one of nine alignments (the standard D&D Good-Evil/Law-Chaos matrix).  The “Goods” get to form the city’s ruling elite; the “Evils” are relegated to the city’s ghetto.  In Alignment, all PCs have been aligned as Evil, enduring the trials of life in the ghetto as best they can, whilst likely seeking to overthrow their oppressors.

Though the setting is designed for Hillfolk, Drama System is so mechanically loose that my piece doesn’t include any actual game content.  It could very easily be adapted for use in your fantasy roleplaying game of choice.

I’m proud to have made the first tentative steps into roleplaying as a pseudo-professional, and am happy with the work I’ve produced.  If it Alignment sounds like something that what interest you too, check out the Drama System Resources page on Pelgrane Press’ site, and scroll down to the Series Pitches section.  And if give the game a go, let me know how it goes!

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