End of 2019

Six months since I last posted! Unlike last time, I’m not going to make the mistake of promising to restart regular blogging again. I should have known better than to tempt fate.

As before, I’ll present evidence of the RPG work I’ve been doing instead of blogging, by way of an apology. Continue reading

Risky Things to do in Dramatic Sequences

After last month’s start to my 7th Sea Explorer’s Society series, “Risky Things to do in a Duel”, I’ve now gone live with the second instalment: “Risky Things to do in Dramatic Sequences”. This one concerns itself with slower paced scenes – arguments, parties and new-in-town “downtime” – but I challenged myself to produce ideas for Consequences and Opportunities that would provide just as much exciting roleplay as combat, even if the stakes weren’t quite as immediate. I’m happy with what I put together, and if page count is anything to go by, I’ve been able to pack in even more content than I managed in “Duel”. Continue reading

Trash Goblins!

My review of Nine Worlds mentioned that I took part in a Design-An-RPG contest – originally conceived as “75 mins to make a game, 45 mins to create an expansion for someone else’s”. We ended up not following the second half in the end, because other participants got clingy, and didn’t want other people challenging their creative control. But the first part went exactly to plan, and I ended up being embarrassingly proud of the game I produced. So I’m publishing it here. Continue reading

Alignment: New Series Pitch for Drama System

Recently I had my first work accepted by an RPG publisher.

Pelgrane Press, the creators of Hillfolk (along with Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents and many other games), have been regularly producing new Series Pitches for Drama System since the successful release of the game last year.  My latest contribution, Alignment, is now also available to download for free from the Drama System Resources page. Continue reading