Trash Goblins!

My review of Nine Worlds mentioned that I took part in a Design-An-RPG contest – originally conceived as “75 mins to make a game, 45 mins to create an expansion for someone else’s”. We ended up not following the second half in the end, because other participants got clingy, and didn’t want other people challenging their creative control. But the first part went exactly to plan, and I ended up being embarrassingly proud of the game I produced. So I’m publishing it here. Continue reading

Alignment: New Series Pitch for Drama System

Recently I had my first work accepted by an RPG publisher.

Pelgrane Press, the creators of Hillfolk (along with Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents and many other games), have been regularly producing¬†new Series Pitches for Drama System since the successful release of the game last year. ¬†My latest contribution, Alignment, is now also available to download for free from the Drama System Resources page. Continue reading