GenCon 2016: Day Three

I did the game thing! In fact it’s been most of my day. Started off with Games on Demand for a 2 hour game of Leverage (probably my only chance to play it since most my friends don’t like it), and concluded by running a Firefly Fate Core game for friends (using my hack!). In between, I listened in to a rules explanation for RuneWars, played a short demo of Star Wars Rebellion (which I know isn’t new, but it was to me), and following the recommendation of another great Shut Up and Sit Down live podcast, went hunting for Captain Sonar. Even after a short try, I can understand why SU&SD declared it their most exciting game of the con, and I’m devastated it’s now sold out at the booth. Definitely one to pick up when I get home though.

My two other panels for the day were with Pelgrane Press and Cubicle 7. Nothing quite as exciting or surprising as there was at Evil Hat or Fantasy Flight Games unfortunately – perhaps because these are British companies, so I get to check-in with their updates at Dragonmeet every year anyway. Pelgrane’s big announcement was a new core game line for The King in Yellow series, a parallel universe/dimension hopping Gumshoe game, borrowing mechanics from the most recent Gumshoe adaptations (Edges and Complications from Gumshoe 1-2-1, rapid-fire character generation from The Gaean Reach). Cubicle 7 announced an upcoming Gamemaster’s Companion for the Doctor Who RPG, and discussed their stance and intentions for Adventures in Middle Earth. Assurance that it will not replace The One Ring line in any way were welcome.


And here’s an awesome pack of cosplayers I bumped into as well!

Look, there’s more I could talk about obviously, but it’s late and I’m knackered and I’m running a game tomorrow morning. I planned to do a round up of yesterday’s award ceremonies (which I didn’t attend, but looked up last night), but I suppose it will have to wait. In the meantime, checkout the Ennie Awards Twitter, Indie RPG Awards page, and Diana Jones Awards page for the results, and congratulations in advance for last night’s big winner: Count Dracula.


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