I’m delighted to report I have now published 100 posts on this blog! 100 posts of game reviews, rules hacks, convention reports, award show coverage, playtest feedback, actual plays… and, as is the case with this post, self-congratulation.

Looking back at the two years and a bit I’ve run this site for, I feel both disappointed and contented. Disappointed, because I hoped this blog would be the first step leading me to holding a game book with my name on the cover, and that has not yet come to pass. But contented, because I have made very slight progress forward. I’m still gaming plenty, and meeting my game design heroes. My name may not be on an RPG cover, but it’s inside a few books with playtester credit (and some as a Kickstarter backer, for what little that’s worth). You can buy RPG PDFs with my name on right now.

But most excitingly of all, I’m still writing this blog – which was a commitment I wasn’t sure I had in me. If I can do that, then I believe I can design my own game too… maybe…

Of course, this isn’t the end of Roll Plus Hot! There’s still so much stuff I have in the pipeline to write up, including:

…and much, much more 🙂

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