On the Road to GenCon 2016

I’m ecstatically happy to be writing this from America, in advance of my imminent arrival at GenCon 2016.

This is my second visit to the Best Four Days in Gaming, so I still have all the enthusiasm of a fresh-faced newbie. At the same time, the fact I’ve been once before means I know how best to prepare and what to expect – I have no fear that I won’t have a good time!

Like two years ago, I plan to blog from the convention daily. Like two years ago, how much I write (and how much it’s worth reading) might vary wildly with how tired I am when I return from a day of conventioning.

In other news, it’s August, so #RPGaDay is running again. This time instead of padding my blog with weekly round-ups, I plan to contribute daily from my G+ profile. Of course, I’m already one day behind, so I’m off to a flying start. (Can I blame it on time differences?)

And I also have a couple of reviews in the pipeline, but I think they can wait until all this GenCon nonsense is over…

Speak to you all soon!

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