KeyForge Genesys Part 1: Character Creation

The upcoming release of KeyForge, Fantasy Flight Games‘ new Unique Card Game, has got me pretty excited. Since I was lucky enough to be given a couple of decks at GenCon for free, I’ve been introducing people to the game wherever I can, and even dropping by preview events for extra game time. November 15th is burned into my memory as the official release day, and I’m sure I’ll be picking up a deck or two in between playing a few more games. Continue reading

GenCon, Nine Worlds and What’s Coming Up

I think I’m getting old. I spent all of last weekend at Nine Worlds complaining about how tired I was, how stupid it was to attend the week after GenCon, and how I’d never be that stupid again. So I was pretty surprised to look back at old blog posts and learn that not only did I do the same cons back-to-back two years ago, but that I seemed pretty chipper by the end of it. The weary refrain of all men in their late-twenties: grant me the long-lost vigour of my mid-twenties. Continue reading

Review of 2016

There are plenty of more socio-political aware blogs providing commentary on the atrocity that was 2016. I don’t have much to add to that, only to say that, even disregarding international events, personally this has been the worst year of my life.

I played some cool roleplaying games though 🙂 Continue reading

Board Games and Friendship: #51in15 Update

Last week a friend invited me and a couple of others out to his dad’s house in Hampshire, to dog-sit and enjoy a short summer vacation. The break was a huge success for a number of reasons: I got on with the dog, even though I am cynophobic; the weather was mostly lovely, even though I live in Britain; and we played loads of games, which wasn’t particularly unlikely, but was wonderful nonetheless. Continue reading

Play ALL THE GAMES: Tabletop Day 2015 and #51in15

I think I’ve played games on Tabletop Day before – sessions in an RPG campaign that happened to fall on the day, or whatever – but this year was the first time I actually celebrated it.  My local nerd pit Dark Sphere was kind enough to host, opening up their impressively large gaming space and collection of board and card games, for the princely sum of a £1 all-day cover fee.  It was a great day, a wonderful opportunity to acquaint myself with gamers I didn’t know, and as good a time as any to set myself a test for the year ahead. Continue reading