GenCon: Day Three Overview

Oh God.  It’s late, I’m knackered, and I have to make it through the final day of GenCon tomorrow, but I just had the best day of the convention and have to gush about it a while.  Let’s make this short.

  • Played a game of the upcoming Feng Shui second edition.  Had a lot of fun playing a magic cop (not to be confused with a Magikarp), but since this was my first Feng Shui game I couldn’t really compare to the last edition.  I think I’ll be supporting the Kickstarter when it goes live in, apparently, October.
  • GM’ed a game of Paranoia: High Programmers.  I didn’t get a chance to prepare this as much as I liked, but it went really well.  I’m biased, but I swear I got the best group of players for any game I’ve been in at the convention, and the ideas and sense of humour they brought to the game produced something hilarious and fun.  Amusingly, after complaining about the early finish of Night’s Black Agents yesterday, I ended up finishing an hour and fifteen minutes early myself.  This meant that I had enough time to attend…
  • The Shut Up and Sit Down live podcast.  These guys are great, and the live show made me laugh and laugh, as well as encourage me to seek out and play Ca$h ‘n Gun$ and Two Rooms and a Boom.  For me, this has been the highlight of GenCon.
  • After dinner, I entered a knockout tournament of The Resistance.  My first game went super well, and was enormously satisfying – a dastardly spy victory delivered by my dramatic fifth round reveal.  I was knocked out in the second round though.  Didn’t feel like there was much I could have done, the game was moving very fast without resistance members rejecting bad teams, and the spies took an easy victory on Round 4.  I was probably also distracted by meta concerns here – one of the players was a very attractive woman, and another player was so persistently misogynistic (“If she’s a spy, she’s a hot spy”, “I just don’t trust hot women” etc) and generally obnoxious (reminding us that he loved guns and hated Obama every 60 seconds, unprovoked) that I quickly wrote him off as an idiot and incapable of guile.  He turned out to be a spy, so that was the wrong call.  Not a very pleasant game.
  • Finally, I managed to sneak into a late game demo of Two Rooms and a Boom.  Lots of fun, even if I did lose all three games.  With 24 players, all of which were strangers, my ability to impact on the final result was pretty limited, but it certainly didn’t help that I was TERRIBLE, and kept forgetting information other players gave me thirty seconds after they said it.  Glad I had a chance to try this – how often do you get to play a game with this many players on occasions outside of GenCon?

Tomorrow I have a later start and an earlier finish, which means difficult choices about what to fit in.  To maximise the amount of time we have, this might mean skipping another 13th Age game we bought tickets for… but that’s also a bit of a dick move, so we’ll see how many other players attend.  All going well, I’ll be sampling the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons, running something at the Indie Games on Demand booth, and making one last sweep around the hall.  For now, I shall sleep.

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