Risky Things to do in a Duel

My first attempt at self-publishing an RPG supplement, Risky Things to do in a Duel, is now live on DriveThruRPG. Produced through John Wick Presents’ Explorer’s Society, it’s a mini-supplement for 7th Sea Second Edition that I hope will become part of an ongoing series.

I mentioned in my review of 7th Sea that I wish the rulebook had more advice about how to implement Consequences and Opportunities, especially their mechanical impact. The “Risky Things” series is my attempt to fill that niche. It focusses on the C.O.R.E of 7th Sea – the Consequences, the Opportunities, the Risks and the Enemies – and presents GMs with a toolbox of options to provide inspiration, or to be ported straight into their game. Each entry in the series presents three common Risks for 7th Sea Heroes, suggests Consequences and Opportunities that might be appropriate for those Risks, and supplies plenty of advice and commentary about when to use those options and how it might be useful to modify them. It will also include new Brute Squad Abilities and Advantages specifically for Villains, since many of the Advantages in the core book are only really relevant for Heroes.

The first entry, Risky Things to do in a Duel, is specifically about one-on-one battles, with Risks for sword fights, wrestling matches and pistol showdowns (lots of Hamilton inspiration for that last one). The new Advantages are mostly designed to turn Villains into formidable duelists, to give GMs more options than just their preferred duelist school. If you’re running a 7th Sea game, and plan for your Heroes to get into fights (they always do!), please check it out and let me know what you think.

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