Star Trek Adventures: The Ghost Writer

Earlier this year, I had a short piece published in Modiphius Entertainment’s e-zine, Modiphia. It’s a scenario for Star Trek Adventures, “The Ghost Writer”, that presents an ethical dilemma for a Starfleet crew, caught between a dead philosopher, a grieving daughter, and a loyal but dangerously-motivated artificial intelligence.

If you’re a fan of Modiphius’ Star Trek RPG, you might want to give it a try! You can find it in Issue #3, the Spring 2018 edition, either here or here.

Why am I posting this now? Well, because I forgot at the time obviously, and because I was recently reminded by being asked to interview for a Star Trek Adventures fan site! Continuing Missions produces a lot of great content for the game, and their interview with me just went live – you can find it here. Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT (02/01/19): Since posting the above, Continuing Missions has followed up with a review of The Ghost Writer, awarding it 5 Tribbles out of 5! Check out their review here.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Adventures: The Ghost Writer

  1. I ran this a few months ago as the first game in a short STA campaign. It produced superb role-playing and conflict between the characters, and an appropriately ST:TNG-style emotive finish. Very nice scenario.


      • The group had a long and fabulous in-character debate about how to proceed. Generally they tried various forms of negotiation and discussion before the hard-nosed Bajoran science officer identified the underlying emotional issues underpinning Marina’s reluctance. But the real breakthrough came when the Aurelian Medical Officer gave her a comforting hug, which released a torrent of tears.

        So, with no guidance on my part, the team pretty much ended up taking the first solution you outline in the Possible Resolutions notes.

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