War of Ashes Character Sheets

I finally added the character sheets for the War of Ashes beta-test!  You can download them here.  I might add NPCs later, but as I mentioned in my Adventure Creation, I wrote up an awful lot of them.  I might also add a bit of flavour text for each character, but that sounds like effort, and is therefore undesirable.

I did run the first session on Tuesday.  It was… hmm.  The first hour or so of roleplay was fun, with lots of setting exploration, fate point exchanges and general hilarity.  Almost all of the remaining session went on a single combat though, which was not entirely satisfying.  I’m not yet sure what went wrong here, but I have a few theories: too many NPCs, not enough engagement with the weight/manoeuvre/zoning mechanics, unfamiliarity with aspects of the system, and yes, potentially obstacles with the system itself.  But that’s the point of the beta test right?  To work out where things aren’t quite working, and submit feedback accordingly, hopefully improving the final product?

This definitely deserves its own post, but I’d like to talk more to the players, think about it myself, and ideally play another session before I can confidently assert what is and isn’t working.  Session 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, so we’ll see how that goes.


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