Back in the UK

Well, GenCon is over and I’m back in London.  Though the convention ended 48 hours ago, I’ve only had one sleep since then, so I’m pretty much running on fumes.  Even so, my last trip to the exhibit hall feels distant indeed.  Maybe it’s the speed at which Indianapolis transformed back-to-normal on Monday morning, but GenCon’s already starting to recede into memory.


Dead Convention Centre

A completely dead Indianapolis Convention Centre, not even 24 hours after the last event at GenCon.

The weight of my luggage, still not unpacked, is a clear sign that this was a bountiful trip.  In between the 7 seminars, 5 roleplaying games, tournaments, awards shows and game demos, I found time to pick up 6 new roleplaying books, and a miniatures game courtesy of a good friend.  So that’s my reading for the rest of the month sorted.

GenCon Purchases

My GenCon purchases, ready to be devoured.

What’s next for the blog, now that my daily GenCon updates are over?  Well, there’s still another eleven days left on the War of Ashes beta test.  I plan to fit in another session or two, and if any insights come out of that (say, house rules that we find work really well), I’ll be sure to post them here.  A friend of mine is also planning on starting up another game for the Three Musketeers in Fate Core, and I’ve been knocking around some “swashbuckling” combat ideas to liven up the action.  Once I’ve reviewed the rules I’ll share that too.

My roleplaying schedule is looking pretty sparse at the moment, so I’ll be fixing that up by starting a few new games.  Currently in the pipeline is a zombie apocalypse Hillfolk game (now a Diana Jones Award winner!) and a Doctor Who: Adventure in Time and Space campaign.  Maybe something interesting could come out of those.

Finally, I’ve been planning since I started the blog to present a series of reviews for RPG books.  I have a review of Night’s Black Agents pretty much ready to go, and possibly a few others off the back of that.  Maybe if I get the chance to run/play a few sessions of my GenCon purchases, I could try and fire off reviews for those too!

In other words: GenCon is over, and this makes me sad.  But there’s lots more exciting things to come in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Back in the UK

  1. Yay everything! Games! Musketeers! More games! Future games, even, maybe, please!

    Also, your first image seems to be of your books instead of the deserted Convention Centre. Maybe link needs fixing?


  2. Whoops! I know how that happened to – I was editing the original post, trying to change the URL address of the direct picture link so that it was a “” thing, and not only did I fail to make it work but I put back the wrong picture. Anyway, it’s fixed now!


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