Happy New Year! (bit late)

Nearly one whole month without a blog post!  That’s the festive season for you.  First everything stops for Christmas and New Year, then all the usual obligations that got postponed over the holidays all hit at once in January.

If I sound overworked, then it’s a filthy lie – most of these “obligations” are more RPG campaigns.  In December I started playing what was, unbelievably, my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game.  A couple of weeks ago I also started playing in a Dungeon World campaign.  A piece comparing the two will inevitably follow at some point.  Since I’ve no prior experience of D&D, my review of the 5th edition should hopefully be relatively unbiased, in as much as it’s possible for anyone to be unbiased about D&D given the spectre it casts across the entire tabletop roleplaying hobby.

Other than that, I continue to play in Trail of Cthulhu and Fate Core (Musketeers) campaigns, whilst my own sci-fi Fate Core and Gaean Reach games trundle along.  Combined with multiple Dark Heresy 2nd Edition one-offs, and my upcoming try of Ben Robbins’ Microscope, 2015 seems to be getting off to a great start, with as much roleplaying fun as the years before.

I’ve a few mini-reviews and other articles sitting in reserve, some of which I hope to get out before I disappear again at the end of the month.  In the meantime, I hope everyone had a great end of year, and is squeezing in as much gaming time as I am.

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