Hear My Voice: RPG Seminar Recordings

Just a short update this time. I’ve not been blogging too regularly since the start of the year, but I’ve tasked myself with posting at least once a month – even if it ends up being literally the last day of month, like today. I think some discipline is good, to keep things going and justify continuing to pay for the site. Happily I’ve got enough of a back catalogue now that I’m still getting a fair amount of hits, and it’s gratifying to know there is content here people are still finding useful.

The important thing to clarify is that irregular updates here should not indicate I’m losing my enthusiasm for roleplaying! On the contrary, I’m still running plenty of games (and playing, though less frequently than I’d like), and even entered Game Chef for the first time with my own RPG. The main reason I’m writing less for the site is that I’m spending that time on writing for publication instead – freelance writing projects for roleplaying games. Not much I can talk about at the moment, but I’ll be sure to indulge in some shameless self-promotion here when anything goes public.

Something else I’ve been doing is speaking about RPGs at conventions! I’ve posted two links below. The first is a recording of a panel I led at the UK Games Expo 2017, about how to design games that are adaptations of existing source material. As well as myself, you can heed the wisdom of Epistolary Richard, Darren Pearce, Ed Jowett, and John Lewis. Thanks in particular to Richard for editing this together for his podcast, Across the Table – his other episodes are well worth a listen!

The second recording is of me on my own at Nine Worlds 2017, where I did a talk on how to gamesmaster (as opposed to design) games adapted from existing source material. Without Richard’s editing wizardry, you’ll have to put up with more ums and ahs in this one. I kept in the Q&A at the end, because it generated some good discussion, but you might have to crank up the volume to hear some of the questions. Sorry, I’m new to this.

Anyway, the links:

UKGE – Designing games for your favourite fandom

Nine Worlds – Running games for your favourite fandom

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