Trash Goblins!

My review of Nine Worlds mentioned that I took part in a Design-An-RPG contest – originally conceived as “75 mins to make a game, 45 mins to create an expansion for someone else’s”. We ended up not following the second half in the end, because other participants got clingy, and didn’t want other people challenging their creative control. But the first part went exactly to plan, and I ended up being embarrassingly proud of the game I produced. So I’m publishing it here. Continue reading

UK Games Expo 2015

I like Dragonmeet and I like GenCon, but they’re far from equivalent experiences. Dragonmeet is a small, one-day, cheap and cheerful event, that draws attendance from a small number of game design luminaries, and runs in the city I live in. GenCon is a four day gaming juggernaut attended by the biggest names in the industry, that takes place on the other side of the planet and costs me hundreds of pounds to get to.

This year I was finally exposed to a sensible middle ground: the UK Games Expo. Continue reading

Back in the UK

Well, GenCon is over and I’m back in London.  Though the convention ended 48 hours ago, I’ve only had one sleep since then, so I’m pretty much running on fumes.  Even so, my last trip to the exhibit hall feels distant indeed.  Maybe it’s the speed at which Indianapolis transformed back-to-normal on Monday morning, but GenCon’s already starting to recede into memory. Continue reading

GenCon: Day Four Overview

I just sat down for dinner, with dessert, and I’m so tired that my speech is slurred.  Which can only mean that GenCon 2014 has come to an end.  The unofficial motto of GenCon is “eat, sleep, game: pick two”; I seem to have half-eaten and half-slept over the last four days, which is at least mathematically compliant.

Today was a short day, with events only running for six hours (contrast yesterday, when I was busy 9am to 9pm).  Here’s what I got up to: Continue reading