I Still Exist

Long time since I wrote anything substantial here. Other than promotional posts, I haven’t blogged since 2018. But it’s for the best possible reason really – I haven’t been writing about roleplaying games on my blog, because I’ve been too busy doing paid design gigs for roleplaying games instead.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this year:

  • I already posted about the first two entries in my “Risky Things” series, for the 7th Sea Explorer’s Society community content programme. In February I released the third entry, “Risky Things to do in the Villain’s Fortress”, to provide 7th Sea GMs hints and tips for running encounters based around stealth and siege warfare. I’m working on the fourth instalment, “Risky Things to do with Sorcery”, but it’s taking a while because there’s so much I want to include. When it’s finished, I expect it to be more than twice the length of the previous Risky Things entries.
  • I made final revisions to an article I submitted to Magpie GamesFate Codex a few years ago. The finished version can now be found in The Fate Codex Anthology Year Three.
  • I went to the UK Games Expo and did a bit of schmoozing with industry types. Happily I also participated in Onyx Path’s Chronicles of Darkness tournament – which I won! – earning myself a Deluxe Copy of Demon: the Descent. Onyx Path did a little write-up of the tournament here, as well as discussing it in their Onyx Pathcast.
  • Some other (very exciting!) stuff I can’t talk about because of NDAs and shit.

In between all that, I’ve been keeping up with my regular schedule of roleplaying campaigns. I finished running campaigns for The One Ring and Doctor Who. Ferrymen is reaching its long-anticipated climax. I was invited to play in five (!) roleplaying campaigns, and accepted slots in three: The Secrets of Cats, Masks: A New Generation and The Veil. I’ve not been so diligent about playtesting my own game designs – I want to get Risky Things 4 out the door, before I start looking at final playtests and self-publishing my indie designs.

Getting back to a regular blogging schedule is definitely on my to-do list, but I don’t expect it to be a major priority until at least the end of the summer. But I have ideas of things to write about: essays about GM’ing philosophy, mini-reviews of games I’ve been lucky enough to try, indie RPG designs that are probably too stupid to charge people money for. I might even start branching out beyond this blog’s usual scope of tabletop gaming. Recently I realised I had Things I Wanted To Say about the Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me in-person or through social media.

But for now, this update will suffice as a reassurance that I’m still here, and I’m not slacking off. Honest.

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